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China First Hand is the story of my trip to China from 28th January to 27th April 2006. All posts are back-dated to relate to the day they actually happened. The delay in publishing was caused by various factors, but not least by the restrictions within china on controversial internet activity. I try to be fair in all my articles, but I am also honest. I welcome any (polite) comments disagreeing with my view, or with anything I write.
You can read this blog in various ways:

  • From start to finish, to fully appreciate how the progression of the story. To do this, click here and then click each following black date on the calender.
  • You can read the most recent posts by clicking a title under ‘recent posts’ on the right of this page.
  • You can view a summary of recent posts by clicking “lets have a glance then” under ‘About’ on the right of this page. You can then read the full post by clicking it.
  • All posts are categorised under the following topics:
    • Personal (my personal circumstances and development throughout the trip);
    • Language (how communication can be very different);
    • Culture (one of the oldest in the world and a lot it can teach the West);
    • Politics (a horrific history and communist control but an unstable time);
    • Sights (of course there are tourist spots that cannot be missed).

    To see a summary of posts in a certain topic only, click the topic name under ‘Categories’ on the right of this page.

  • Finally, you can search for key terms using the search engine below the categories on the right of this page.

To receive notifications of new posts, sign up to one of my RSS feeds (further information here). Links to both RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds are on the bottom right of each page.

I hope that the articles I write will spark some debate. Recent comments can be quickly found on the right of each page. You can also sign up for RSS feeds for new comments on a particular article.

Please note that everything I have published on this site is my own property and subject to copyright laws. Very occassionally, I have borrowd a picture from another site, in which case it is linked to the original location. The only exception is the front page Great Wall picture – thank you to Jawad Moh’d Taqi.

Enjoy the blog… 🙂


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